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We provide car modification services which are roadworthy and legal. At Car-O-Man, we provide you three categories of modification services.

Performance modification:

If you want to improve your vehicle’s performance and looking for a shop that does the job then you are at the right place. We make the best suitable car modifications to your engine, exhaust system, brakes, and tires according to your needs. Rebuilding or modifying vehicles from their original manufactures specification.

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We have exciting offer on Car Denting & Painting , Car Modification and Car Maintenance Service. For any queries you can contact us at any time, our expert team will be always available to assist you.

Car Modification:

  • Car Denting per Panel starts @ 499/– : (Like door, fender, hood..etc.)
  • Car painting per Panel starts @ 2,499/-* (This is for Normal Hatch back Vehicles, excluding SUV)
  • Ceramic Coating  Starts @ 17,999/-  (7h Hardness Hatchback Vehicles )
  • Car Painting Starts @ 18,000/-
  • Roof Painting Starts with 3600 Hatchback
  • Car Full Body Dual Tone Painting Starts @ 24,999/-

Service break calibers front & back Painting

  • Starts @ 3,999/-
  • Roof

car modification


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