In our 10 years of service, our clients are who motivated us to be what we are today. We thrive for the best and always given best. The love given by our clients is immeasurable.



We show our love towards our clients by the best way possible, service. Every repair we do, every vehicle we service we do it with love and care.

We know how much you love and care about your car, we know you trust us with your car. As long our client loves his car, our love towards servicing continues.


A clean car says a lot about you. at Car-O-Man we are determined to make you and Your car look & feel good. 

Price Table

Service Price
Front shoe replacement $70
Brake disc replacement $45
Back brake cylinder replacement $84
Brake fluid replacement $20

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    Excellent and Top Rated Car Services

    • CAR Denting Painting
    • CAR Engine Repair
    • CAR AC Repair
    • CAR Suspension Works
    • CAR Wheel care
    • CAR Ceramic Coating
    • Compele Car Care

    Safe & Efficient Car Service by CAR-O-MAN

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