Buying a car is one of the major desires for everyone, but there are certain things that everyone who is planning to buy a car must know. Car Insurance is a very important thing that you should know and it is mandatory by law. When you buy a car, buying an insurance policy for your car is the most important thing, because you will have a lot of benefits.

Before knowing the benefits, let’s know what car insurance is.

Car Insurance

Car insurance is an agreement between the owner of a car and the insurance company. The car owner should pay the premium to the insurance company to buy the insurance. Car insurance will support you and your car after any accident, theft, or any other incident.

If you have ever been in a car accident, you know how lengthy and tedious the complete aftermath can be. If you have purchased car insurance, then you are spared from negotiations with the property owner, and also no need to worry about the damage that has incurred because of the accident. A good insurance policy can support you to deal with all the issues smoothly and the entire process will be managed by the insurance company.

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people are unaware of the benefits of Car Insurance services. So, in this article, we have explained the importance and benefits of car Insurance services.

Types of Car Insurance

Having car insurance is a law, and the government has mandated it in India regardless of whether it is a personal vehicle or a commercial vehicle. Majorly, there are two types of car insurances in India and below are the details.

  • Third Party Liability Insurance Cover: It is a type of car insurance policy which supports the insured against all legal liabilities caused by them to a third party person’s body or their property.
  • Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy: This insurance is a combination of third party liability insurance and own damage insurance. Comprehensive car insurance covers damage related to one’s own and to other’s property and body.

Benefits of Car Insurance

There are numerous benefits that a car owner can get, if he or she has car insurance. Below are some of the top benefits of car insurance policy.

Damage Cover to Insured Vehicle

In any accident, if your car gets damaged, then the cost against the damage will be covered. If the owner suffers loss of car due to theft, strikes, riots, terrorism, etc. the all such things will be covered under the insurance policy.

Damage of Third Party Liabilities

One of the best benefits of car insurance is that it could protect you against third party liabilities. In case your car is involved in the damage or loss of the property of any third party, then the insurance policy will cover the damage. Also, in case of bodily injuries or death of a third party, insurance policy can protect you against the same.

Accident Cover

Insurance policy also covers personal accidents with a predetermined amount. Under the policy, it will provide complete protection in case of permanent disability or death due to an accident. This also protects the person involved in the accident as per the predetermined amount under the car insurance policy.

These are the top three benefits of a car insurance policy, and every car owner should buy this policy without any delay. In case the insurance is not claimed, the customer is eligible for no claim bonus (NCB). It means the customer will get a discount on the premium and this makes car insurance more affordable.

When you are planning to buy a car insurance policy, choose the best insurance company. There are certain qualities that make a company good. Below are two qualities of a good insurance company.

Quick Service

The quality of service is very important, so choose an insurance company that provides hassle-free services. A good company eliminates all the cumbersome procedures and makes the process smooth and quick. Since the technology has also developed a lot, a good company will definitely make the process digital and hassle-free.

Customer Support

A good insurance company hires highly skilled and experienced personnel so as to make the customer support service smooth and friendly. Customers can call for any queries and they can expect a solution as soon as possible. So, while choosing an insurance company, choose the company that is active in resolving your queries.

These are the qualities that make an insurance company the best, so choose a company that is good at these qualities.

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