If you live in an Indian metropolis, your typical driving pattern during peak hours must be something along the lines of clutch-brake-clutch-brake and so on. This is extremely damaging to your vehicle’s clutch. Driving in the city or using the clutch continuously and laboriously wears out the car, the engine, and the clutch plate itself. Your car clutch experiences significant wear and tear as a result of your driving style and other factors.

Car O Man is a multi brand car service in Hyderabad. We offer a wide range of services for vehicles of all makes and models. We are maintaining high-quality products for your car service. In this section, we will discuss the bad driving habits that can cause your car clutch to fail.

Driving Habits That Damage Your Car

At the stoplight, shifting into a gear

When you’re at a stoplight or when your car comes to a complete stop, make sure you’re not pressing the clutch pedal. On a slope, some people stop the vehicle, shift into neutral, and apply the brakes to save fuel. But it seeks to damage the car clutch. Avoid stopping vehicles on the roads.

Resting your hand on the gear lever

You may have a habit of driving with your hand on the gear lever. But it’s a bad habit and affects gear. Putting your hand on the gear lever puts strain on the gear forks, causing the rotating collar to malfunction, which can quickly become an expensive repair.

Riding the clutch

When the car pedal is pressed partially while driving, it is called riding the clutch. Make certain that you only use the clutch when changing gears. While driving, do not rest your foot on the clutch pedal. A light clutch press can cause the gears to wear and tear quickly.

Changing gears slowly

This is a common occurrence for new drivers. When pressing the clutch pedal, make sure to change gears quickly and not linger while the clutch pedal is pressed, because a long press on the clutch will cause a clutch plate.

Lugging the engine at low speed

When you put extra pressure on your car while driving in a higher gear to accelerate is called Lugging. While it is beneficial to maintain an average and drive your car, it is not recommended to drive in a higher gear and at a slower speed. The recommended gear and speed combination for maximum mileage is 60 kmph in the 4th gear.

How Many Kilometres Does A Clutch Long?

The lifespan of a car clutch differs from car to car and user to user. It can vary greatly depending on your driving habits and the conditions you drive in. If you drive smoothly and maintain your car’s mileage, the clutch could last for up to 100000 kilometres.

Some Common Problems for Car Clutch

The car clutch is a complex component with numerous moving parts. As a result, it is clear that if one of the parts fails, it is not necessary to replace the entire clutch system. It will be repaired by a small change and a small replacement.

  • If your vehicle is experiencing clutch slippage, you may need to replace the entire clutch assembly at once. This may also vary from vehicle to vehicle because there are two types of clutches i.e. a direct clutch and a hydraulic clutch.
  • As previously stated, Vibration in cars is caused by friction and the accumulation of oil, dust, and grease. In this case, the clutch friction plate assembly and pressure plate may need to be replaced and repaired.
  • If you’re having trouble shifting gears, all it takes is a minor repair, and your clutch will be fine as new. Simply adjusting the linkage on a cable-operated clutch could solve this problem.

Drive safely for your healthy and long-living clutch. Even when we are cautious about car safety, damage will happen from any site. We can’t stop such types of injuries. In that case, visit the Car O Man Service Station in Hyderabad for the quality and satisfactory service. Our staff is skilled and expert in all car services, and you can get the best car gear repair in hyderabad. We follow the latest technology and best equipment to service all brands of cars. We are also providing car servicing at doorstep at any time.

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