Maintaining this is a difficult task, and if you want to maintain your car in a perfect condition, then you should not forget to schedule regular car servicing. If you own a car and want to retain its appearance for a long time, you can add Teflon coating. 

Teflon coating is very popular and it is popularly known as paint protection coating. Most of the car dealers and expert technicians suggest Teflon coating to the car owner to ensure longevity of the car paint. 

What is Teflon?

Teflon is a non-sticky chemical form of synthetic fluoropolymer, and it reduces friction on which it is applied. It is one of the popular chemicals that is used as a coating for cars. Teflon coating is a complex task, so it’s very important to choose experienced car Teflon coating providers. The general process of Teflon coating includes,

Car Washing: The entire exterior body of the car is washed and cleaned thoroughly to get rid of dust and dirt particles. 

Coating: Then the car is wiped completely and Teflon coating is applied on the car body which will be in the lubricated form. 

Buffing: The car is allowed to dry and then the car is polished using a buffing machine. This process takes 30-40 minutes and by removing minor scratches, it will give glossy finishing to your car. 

Teflon is not the chemical name; it is the product name. The actual chemical that is used in Teflon coating is polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). The product Teflon is actually owned by the company DuPont. 

There are many rumors about the effectiveness of the Teflon coating, because many customers expressed their dissatisfaction after Teflon coating. But in reality, many car dealers and service providers are using fake or cheap quality products, which are similar to Teflon coating. These duplicate products provide effectiveness for a short time, and hence the customers are feeling dissatisfied about the Teflon coating.

Benefits of Teflon Coating

There are many benefits of Teflon coating that you can get. If you want to know the benefits before you try it on your car, then the following are the benefits. 

Protection from Minor Scratches

Teflon has a non-stick nature, so it will even out the paint on your car as soon as it is applied. You can stay without any fear about the scratches and swirl marks, because Teflon is one of the best solutions to protect your car. 

Prevents Mildew & Mold

Besides Scratches and Swirl marks, Teflon coating also protects your car body from mildew and mold. Molds are a type of microscopic fungi, which can thrive on any organic matter like clothes, paper, ceilings, walls, floors, etc. Generally, you can see molds on the surface where the moisture level is high. 

But mildew is a specific type of mold that travels through air and land in any humid environment and begins to colonize and grow. Teflon coating can prevent the formation of molds and mildew and gives protection to your car. 

Protects Underbody

When you open the body parts of an old or used car, then you can see the formation of rust. Have you ever heard of such a rusty underbody? It is the result of the humid environment of the area where you live. Teflon coating will add an extra layer to the car body, so it will protect the car body from debris while driving on the road. 

The car body protects the internal parts like engine, chassis, exhaust system, etc. So, it has to be protected from rusting and coating Teflon would add extra protection to the car body. 

Long Lasting Appearance

We all will have a desire to maintain the appearance of the car well all the time. But the surrounding temperature, humidity, and other factors affect the car’s exterior appearance. Slowly after some time the color of the body starts to become dull and that affects the exterior appearance. 

Teflon coating is the best solution for this problem because it acts as an extra layer and protects the paint. This will help to retain the appearance of the car even after years of use. 

Therefore, these are the top benefits of Teflon coating on the car body. If you are purchasing a new car or you already purchased a car, then don’t forget to add Teflon coating. Choose an experienced car service station for Teflon coating because they can provide the best service. 

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