When summer arrives, all schools and colleges announce summer holidays to all students. So, everyone will attempt to organise roadside trips. Am I correct? Of Course yes! It’s always easy to put your car outside and get ready for road trips. But during this hot summer, you need to take a little bit more tender loving care towards your car to save from the summer damages.

Make sure your car is prepared for all of your summer getaways vacations and road excursions. Car O Man is a car service centre in Hyderabad. We are providing some essential car care tips. Continue reading to learn how to keep your car from succumbing to the summer heat.

Check AC Conditions

We can’t even imagine a car without the proper AC condition, especially during summer. Take some time to test your car’s AC, before it begins to sizzle.

If you are getting hot air from the air conditioner, it means you need to change the air conditioner in your car. To boost your air conditioning system, pick up a can of the refrigerant at your local auto parts store. If that doesn’t work, it signifies that you have to visit a car mechanic to solve your issue.

Check Tires Condition

Make sure to inspect your automobile tyres before travelling on a summer trip. Examine them thoroughly for signs of excessive tread wear, uneven wear, and sidewall bulges. These are all indicators that you should replace your tires before going for a trip.

Make sure your tyres aren’t under or over inflated by checking their pressure. This will help you get the maximum gas mileage on those lengthy excursions. Always keep a spare tyre for the safe side. And also take time to inspect your spare tyre to ensure it is properly inflated.

Check Brakes Thoroughly

You rely on your brakes when you step behind the wheel. You’ll want to keep a close check on the functioning of your brakes as you emerge from the harsh winter weather. Your brake pads are subjected to intense circumstances, thus any problems must be addressed immediately.

It’s time for an inspection if you find your brakes aren’t stopping as well as they previously did, or if you hear grinding, squealing, or increasing noises. A car mechanic will be able to diagnose and solve the problem to keep you safe on the road.

Keep Engine Clean

The adversary of your car is dirt, dust, and other impurities. Dirt in the engine can lead to various issues, including decreased gas mileage. While dirt in the heating and cooling system can contaminate the air quality inside your car.

Make sure your engine and cabin air filters are clean and adequate to the task. Visually inspect both filters, and replace anyone if it is very dirty. A blocked cabin air filter can impact the effectiveness of the heating and air conditioning and contribute to musty odours within your car.

Check Car Wiper Blades

To keep safe on the road, you must be able to see clearly and ensure that other drivers can see you. To improve your visibility, check your windshield wipers and lights.

Inspect your wiper blades—snow, winter’s ice, and frost can be tough on wipers. Replace them if you can find any fractures, and splits. When your wipers are damaged, you won’t get clear visibility. In this case, you need to wipe continuously to see clear visibility.

Make sure that all of your lights are in good functioning order. Begin by checking your headlights and front turn signals, then walk to the back of the vehicle to check the taillights and brake lights. Replace any that are burned out or appear to be weak right away.

Check Car Battery

Battery issues are significantly less common in the winter, but they can be a nuisance in the summer. The summer heat is harmful to the battery and can cause it to fail.

The main issue with batteries in the summer is faster evaporation of battery fluids, as well as heating and vibration. You can’t do anything about the heating, but you can reduce the vibration and keep the battery fluids in good condition.

I think now you can have a better understanding of what precautions you should take with your car before going on a summer vacation. Follow the tips above for a safe and happy journey. Because you can’t guarantee your life, but you can do your best in your car. Basic car maintenance services ensure a trouble-free journey.

Car O Man is a multi brand car service in Hyderabad. We provide all car services with the best equipment and professional mechanics. If you’re busy with your own business and have no time to go to the car garage? No problem, we are offering a car servicing at doorstep. If the car breaks down in the middle of the road; don’t worry, just visit our website and make a call for our service. We provide free car pickup and drop service in and around Hyderabad.

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