A car is one of the possessions we own. Having a car is always a pleasure to us because it allows you to go wherever you want. However, there are a lot of responsibilities that come with owning one, and we must admit that maintenance is extremely important.

Normal wear and tear on your vehicle are very common. But sometimes it is more than usual, and it leads to damaging effects on your car. While some practices are beneficial and should be continued, it is critical to be aware of the harmful ones that you may be unintentionally engaging in.

The following are some of the daily habits related to your car that you should immediately discontinue.

  • Excessive use of the brake

Keeping your foot on the brake for an extended period of time causes the braking system to overheat, causing damage and hastening the normal wear and tear. To get down a steep hill, I’ve seen some people put their car in neutral and simply ride the brake. This can cause serious damage to your brakes and in the worst-case scenario may cause them to fail. This is the first of the unnoticed car-damaging habits. Rather than riding the brake, you can control your car’s speed by shifting into a lower gear.

  • Hitting Potholes

We live in a country where potholes are a common occurrence. Potholes are the bane of most drivers’ existence, but you must pay attention and avoid hitting any. When you hit a pothole, the force of the impact can result in buckled wheels, tyre lumps, and even cracked alloys. It can also cause tracking and wheel balance issues. Avoiding these road hazards as much as possible will help to save your car.

  • Ignoring the Warning Lights

Another bad habit that most people ignore because they are afraid of spending too much money on their car is ignoring the dashboard warning lights. Remember that this is the only way your car can alert you to a problem before it worsens. If you are concerned about high workshop fees, we can provide you with a free diagnosis if you drive into our shop.

  • Maintaining Low Fuel

We all know that rising fuel prices are excruciating, but does that mean your prized possession will bear the brunt of the damage? Driving your car on low fuel won’t harm it if done infrequently. However, if you make it a habit, it can seriously damage your engine, and fuel pump, and clog your filters. Feeding dirt fuel to your car’s engine is not a good idea. This is another one of the car-damaging habits that frequently go unnoticed.

  • Resting Hand Gear

Resting your hand on the gear stick is not only a potentially dangerous way to drive, but it can also cause long-term damage to your car. If you do this frequently, you may unknowingly apply pressure to the selector fork or other internal parts of the gearbox. As a result, these components may wear out much faster than they should over time. This can result in noisy gears or the inability to select the proper gear smoothly.

  • Skipping the car maintenance

This is yet another bad habit that the majority of people have. Skipping your car maintenance services is a bad habit. Every fluid in your car, including the filters, has a finite lifespan. To keep your car in top condition, you should never put off getting it serviced. Concerned about high authorised service centre fees? Car O Man is the best car service center in Hyderabad, where you can get the best service at affordable prices.

  • Ignoring the Leaks

Leaking fluid is another one of the car-damaging habits that often go unnoticed. At regular intervals, take careful note of your vehicle’s fluid levels. You can also notice the leakage of fluid beneath the car. If you notice a leak in your vehicle, you should not ignore it. Don’t worry if you can’t make it to the workshops right now; we offer free doorstep contactless pickup and drop-off.

  • Riding the Clutch

Riding the clutch, or keeping it partially depressed, is a terrible habit. It not only reduces the control over your vehicle but also accelerates the natural wear and tear of your clutch. So it requires you to replace it more frequently than is necessary.

  • Overloading the vehicle

Overloading your vehicle puts unnecessary strain on the brakes and suspension, as well as increasing fuel consumption and, most likely, exhaust emissions. As a result, don’t keep anything unnecessary in your car.

These are the nine most important things to remember while driving. Share this article with all car owners to help them avoid these bad habits that are causing damage to their vehicles.

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