Cars are more than just a means of transportation. For fans, they are more like close friends and personal space.

 So taking care of your vehicles both inside and out should be a priority for those looking for durability and a smooth ride. Let’s figure out exactly why you need to service your car on time, every time.

Regular vehicle maintenance ensures that the vehicle always performs at maximum power – this means good braking performance, proper wheel alignment and other systems that minimize the likelihood of accidents. Without regular maintenance, these systems will eventually stop functioning properly, making your units dangerous and even deadly.  CAR-O-MAN-leading multi-brand car service center in Hyderabad has rounded up the top reasons why regular car servicing is essential?

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  1. Comfort  

The parts of your vehicle that provide a comfortable ride include the suspension system and wheels. Constant checks and overhauls of vehicles keep these parts in perfect condition.

  1. Performance

The engine, transmission and steering systems make up the centerpiece of your vehicle’s high performance parts, while the smaller parts such as air filters, exhaust system, etc. these regular check-ups and maintenance keep all the car parts in top condition to keep delivering.

Problems such as clogged fuel filters or air filters also directly reduce performance and should be addressed through maintenance. This is one of the benefits of regular vehicle maintenance.

  1. Economy & Longevity

Regular maintenance may seem like an expense at first, but in the medium to long term it is a very financially sound decision. The costs saved by extending the life of your vehicle’s parts and systems through regular maintenance are enormous.

For the reasons listed above, it is extremely important to have your car regularly serviced by a reliable and affordable car service in Hyderabad like CAR-O-MAN to keep your car in good condition for a long time. Because your car is more than just a vehicle and you want it to be as healthy as you are!



We’d wager that a large percentage of motorists look up the all-important “FSH” acronym when looking for the car they drive today. The reason is that it means the car has a full service history, which means it has been serviced. Ultimately, this leads to a car being a smart purchase.

However, no one is waiting for the time of year when the annual car service opens. If a car owner is trying to lower the cost of owning their car, annual maintenance is usually one area that is at risk. Someone may decide to do the service with their own hands at home, and someone may not worry at all!

However, there are six very good reasons why you should invest in and have your vehicle repaired by your local Car accessories in Hyderabad– CAR-O-MAN.


Maintain Warranty

Perhaps the most important reason of all. New vehicle manufacturer’s warranty protection can only be secured if services are performed at the correct time intervals or sooner. Service not in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations may void your warranty, which may result in you having to pay a repair bill if something goes wrong.

If you are not sure about the next service for your vehicle, please refer to the Owner’s Manual. Alternatively, call your nearest Evans Halshaw center who will advise you and even book a service time for you.

Keeps the Engine Healthy     

Cars need maintenance. They are designed in such a way that maintenance is required to keep them in good condition.

 Changing the oil and filters at regular intervals prevents dirt or dust from entering the oil parts of the engine and potentially causing serious problems. It will also extend the life of the engine and ultimately the overall life of the vehicle.


The general rule of thumb is that your oil should be golden brown, so if you check and find it to be a thick black, we recommend you change it. This is a minor problem on diesel vehicles due to soot, so don’t worry about that. Although there is nothing serious in the fact that someone, having rolled up their sleeves, will independently change the oil and filter.

Most of the time they don’t check other car components to make sure they are in good condition. When servicing a car or van, we always perform a complete vehicle condition check, which allows us to identify any issues or safety concerns. This includes checking major components such as the brakes, suspension and exhaust system to make sure they are in good condition. During our vehicle inspection, we will also check your tires to make sure they are in good condition and have adequate tread depth.

The tread depth limit is 1.6mm by law, but we recommend that you consider changing tires around 3mm to maintain proper road performance, especially in cold and wet weather. Tip: Apply a quality tire polish after washing your car, as this helps prevent sidewall cracks.

Typically, a car is one of the most expensive things you can buy, second only to buying a house. Therefore, it is important to protect this investment as much as possible by keeping the car in good condition. Oil components also need to be kept in good condition, which can be achieved through regular vehicle maintenance.

In fact, if your car has a full service history from a franchiser like ours, it will be worth more when you sell it. Also, if the car is written off in an accident, the insurance company may pay less than expected because it will say that a car without a proper service history is less valuable. Maintaining your car at the right intervals with the right items recommended by the manufacturer can save you money in the long run. 


Car maintenance and regular car maintenance is the most important thing you can do for your car. The health of your car depends on regular maintenance. By showering your car with gentle and loving care in the form of regular maintenance, you can enjoy various benefits and at the same time enjoy a smooth driving experience. Regular car maintenance is vital to your safety only because it can nip any potential car problem in the bud before it becomes reliable. This ensures that your vehicle won’t let you down when you need it most.


Regular service and maintenance ensures that your vehicle is in optimal condition for use on the road, giving you complete peace of mind when it comes to safety. A well-maintained vehicle extends its lifespan, ensuring that your vehicle will be your faithful partner for years to come. Similarly, an overhauled and tuned engine greatly improves the performance of your vehicle, keeping it in top condition on the road for a much longer time. 

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