Do you keep your car in good condition?

Most of us would say yes because when we hear the word “maintenance,” we immediately think of services like regular oil changes, brake function, engine servicing, fuel efficiency and performance, and so on. However, we fail to maintain or properly care for the car tyres, which are the true beasts of our burden.

In today’s hectic urban life, our attention is primarily focused on the exterior of the vehicle, while other critical components of the vehicle, such as tyres, are overlooked. Here are some guidelines to help you determine when to replace your car tyres for safety and car maintenance services.

What is the reason to replace the car tyres?

Tyres are far more important than we realise as the component that your car runs on. Finding a set that is appropriate for the road is only the beginning. Even the most durable tyres begin to fade after a few hundred miles, compromising the vehicle’s safety and performance. Tyres are frequently the least-known but most important component of any ride. They are the final link between your vehicle and the road. Before moving your vehicle even an inch, all of the power from your acceleration, braking, and turning torque must be transferred through your tyres. However, even if you drive the most powerful car on the road, it won’t mean anything unless you have the proper car service for tyre changes in Hyderabad.

Car Safety and Maintenance Tips

Check Tire Pressure

Regular tyre pressure checks will not only prevent punctures but will also help you achieve better fuel efficiency. To maintain and ensure maximum tyre lifespan, safety, cornering at high speeds, overall performance, and handling, it is critical to keep tyre pressures at the manufacturer’s recommended levels.

Overinflated or underinflated tyres will degrade your vehicle’s performance on a daily basis. Overinflated tyres have less contact with the road surface; additionally, the side wall reduces flexibility and affects road adhesion, resulting in limited vehicle control. Furthermore, underinflated tyres reduce overall tyre diameter and increase sidewall flexion, making vehicle handling difficult at various stages.

Check the age of the tyre

Experts believe that tyres older than five years should be replaced because the suppleness of the rubber decreases due to the drying out of oil and moisture. A good set of wheels is important for ensuring a safe driving experience, smooth and precise handling, and increased fuel efficiency. The condition of the tyres on which your vehicle rides can result in more confident braking and a more relaxed driving experience. Check your tyres on a regular basis, and if you notice signs of wear and tear, it’s time to replace them.

Check Alignment for every year

If your vehicle is constantly pulling or drifting to the left or right, and the wheels squeak or shake, it may be suffering from alignment problems. However, your vehicle may be perfectly operational but out of alignment. When you hit an obstacle in the parking lot, a pothole, or a curb, something needs to be fixed, and it’s usually your alignment. A minor misalignment can reduce your vehicle’s efficiency and increase tyre wear.

Visit CAR O MAN if you are having problems with your car’s wheel alignment. Our expert technicians will check everything thoroughly and perfectly.

Tyre Grip

Tyre grip is a result of the tread pattern and rubber compound, as well as inflation pressures, proper car wheel alignment, and good steering linkage, or in other words, overall good health of the car when all of these factors are considered in order if the tyre indicator indicates that it is time to change the tyre.

When following these guidelines, it’s critical to keep track of how many miles your vehicle’s tyres have travelled. This will give you a rough idea of when you should replace them. When replacing tyres, it is recommended that you replace all of them and keep the most efficient one from the previous set as a spare. Make sure you’re using the appropriate tyres for the terrain.

Follow these steps and it will know when you need to replace the car tyres. CAR-O-MAN is one of the most well-known multi-brand car services and car maintenance service providers in Hyderabad. We have worked with all car brands and have provided car repair and maintenance services to them. We have a team of experienced and highly trained car repair mechanics on staff. So, if you’re looking for a reliable car service center in Hyderabad, India, contact CAR O MAN now.

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