Engine Overheating: Causes, Symptoms, Remedies 


While the pandemic continues, few of us are planning road trips to pass the time. Alternatively, many people have begun to relocate for work and are travelling large distances as they used to! Overheating of the engine is a common problem in cars travelling long distances. It is common for the engine to become warm when running. However, it is always a cause for concern if the car’s engine overheats and the temperature increases over usual. This article examines the most prevalent reasons and treatments for engine overheating.

The following are some of the causes of car overheating:


Failure of the Cooling System  

An overheated engine is frequently caused by a faulty cooling system. The cooling system pulls heat away from the engine, which may reach 4,500 degrees Fahrenheit in the combustion chamber, and pushes it to the outside. If there is a problem with the cooling system, such as a leak, your vehicle may overheat.

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Less coolant in quality 

One of the primary causes of car overheating is a decrease in the amount of coolant in the engine. The temperature of the engine cannot be effectively managed if the amount of coolant in the engine falls. It frequently falls owing to leaking.


Damaged thermostat 

A defective thermostat is another cause of automobile overheating. The thermostat is totally controlled by the engine temperature, allowing the coolant to flow freely through the engine. If the thermostat is too close to the dam, the dam will collapse and the engine will overheat. Your car’s heater also removes cool air.


Damaged water pump 

The water pump can occasionally fail, which is extremely rare. The malfunction of the water pump is another cause of the car engine’s unexpected heat. When the water pump fails, these are frequently replaced with timing belts. And if the water pumping elements are damaged, the car’s engine can overheat quickly. Then you have to go for the car engine repair at the best car service station. 


Radiator problems

The radiator is an important component of the cooling system since it draws heat away from your car’s engine. As a result, if something goes wrong with the radiator, such as a particle and debris buildup, your engine could rapidly overheat.

Changing the coolant in your vehicle on a regular basis will help keep your engine from overheating and keep you from becoming stuck on the side of the road.


Low oil 

By reducing friction, motor oil helps to regulate the temperature of your car’s engine. As a result, if your car’s oil level is low, potentially due to an oil leak, it can cause engine overheating.

Oil lubricates internal engine components and ensures that they run smoothly. A lack of lubrication results in friction, which generates excessive heat and may cause the engine to fail. 

CAR O MAN specialists are trained to detect, explain, and resolve oil problems in vehicles. When it comes to low oil, the solution could be as easy as an oil change. We are one of the best you can avail of the best car service at CAR O MAN.


Symptoms of car overheating 


The temperature light or gauge

Each vehicle will feature a warning light or temperature gauge that will illuminate to inform you of the engine’s temperature. If the warning light illuminates, it indicates that the engine has exceeded its operating temperature. If the temperature gauge is above the red or near the top, it indicates that the engine is overheating. The only difficulty with these devices is that they occasionally fail to function properly due to a coolant leak, which causes the sensor to read nothing.


The car smells hot 

Because the engine is a massive piece of metal with little pieces of plastic, rubber gaskets and seals, and residual motor oil, when it is hot, these fluids and materials emit an odor that most people describe as hot. This can happen even if your gauge reads normal and your warning light is not on. Because the engine is close to the fresh air intake of your HVAC system, the odour may enter through the AC vents.


Blowing sound

When an engine is cold, it does not perform well. This is why engines are built with a thermostat that remains closed, preventing coolant from flowing to the radiator until the engine reaches operating temperature. The problem with this device is that if it does not open, the coolant inside the engine might become extremely hot. This can result in a pounding noise from your engine as cold coolant tries to mix with boiling coolant within your engine. This sound indicates that your thermostat should be changed due to a failed sensor within the thermostat.


Reduced engine power

When an engine overheats, the pistons expand within the cylinder bore, causing the crankshaft to rotate more slowly. This will slow down due to the amount of power that the engine can generate. If you find that your car is having difficulty keeping up with traffic, check your temperature gauge or light and then note if there are any strange odours that could be indicating a temperature problem in the engine.


Tips to prevent a car from overheating

A few basic driving advice will help you avoid permanent engine harm down the road.

  • Check the coolant levels in your vehicle on a regular basis.
  • In your trunk, keep an extra bottle of new antifreeze and a gallon of water.
  • Always keep in mind car temperature while driving. 
  • On particularly hot days, avoid overusing your car’s air conditioner.
  • Run the heat at the first sign of overheating to help cool the engine.
  • To stay informed about coolant servicing flushes, consult the owner’s manual.


An overheating engine indicates a significant problem. Regular maintenance inspections will aid in identifying problems before they do permanent damage to your car. If you have any queries about your coolant or cooling systems, CAR O MAN, the best car repair service, is here to help. 


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